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New Website

We Are Creating New Website!

You must notice our website quite differs from HT WorldWide website. Not only in graphics, but mostly in potentialities. That´s why we decided to use the same technology and integrate our pages into HT WorldWide Network. This solution brings the advantages for teammates:

  • Common database: You only need to log-in once and you will have access to all parts of united web.
  • Newsletter distribution: You will be able to subscribe the Newsletter directly in our website in the language you prefer.
  • New potentialities: Commenting on posts, Photogalery, Site-wide Search…
  • New graphics: use of new graphics (e.g. Event Calendar), up-to-date look.

HT WorldWide webside was created by Ursa Minor, which resonates with idea of interconnecting various spiritual groups. They offered us pretty nice discount for ceating each particular multi-site web space and linking it with each other. Their estimation starts from $850 for minimal solution (only basic functionality) to $2925 for ultimate solution (including content import, translated graphic banners and buttons, training etc.) Complete proposal is available through this link.

If you are impressed by all the features and willing to help us, you have two possibilities: by technical way or by donating us. By technical way there are many articles to be translated to English, and we will also need additional functionality programming to make our website even better... By the way, we are searching for web administrator of the new site. If you feel you are the right person, please contact our coordinating tandem! You can find necessary information at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to contribute in financial way, you can do it by clicking on following button using PayPal service:

In case you prefer direct money transfer, you can do it, but be aware of high transfer fees charged by banks. While doing transfer, please put the note for receiver as “Web Site Support”.

Account name:

IBAN: CZ73 2010 0000 0029 0038 6366


Account name:

Humanity´s Team - Česká Republika

Account holder:

Humanity´s Team - Česká Republika, o.s.

Víta Nejedlého 14

13000 Praha 3

Bank address:

Fio banka, a.s.

V Celnici 1028/10

11000 Praha 1

In case you would like to support us with considerable amount and hence be mentioned in our webpage, please contact directly our coordinators, tel. +420 774 363 224. Thank you!

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