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Love Tour 2008 (English)

Our dear friends,

Humanity’s Team is arranging a tour through USA and Canada during the summer of 2008. Humanity’s Team is looking for sponsors to help manifest the Love Tour 2008.

Humanity’s Team Love Tour 2008 is a cooperation of people from many countries around the globe. The message is:

We are all one – Let’s practice!

Starting in june and ending in august 2008 the tour will cover the south, the east coast, Canada and end at the west coast of USA. The tour will move in 2-3 RV’s or Mobile homes, to make it as economical and practical as possible. We will stay with teammates and friendly folks whereever possible. When needed we will stay in motels.

The tour stops are being planned and will contain events of joy, fun, laughter, dancing, singing, play and love. More information can be found at www.lovetour2008.org

The purpose of having a series of events across USA is to direct attention to the fact that we can all live together in a harmonious world. We don´t need to have an intimate relationship with people to love them – We are in fact all one, and we will demonstrate it on the tour.

In the summer of 2007, Humanity’s Team was also sponsoring and arranging a Love Tour in Europe – read about it here: www.unconditionallovetour.eu

We are looking to accumulate around $100.000 for the tour. Any donation will go to covering rental, insurance and gas, as well as living costs. Furthermore they will cover the plainfares, so that travellers from europe can fly to USA and participate.

The simpliest way to support us is by using PayPal:

You can also use money transfer to our account. While doing transfer, please specify target currency to be in euros, and put the note for receiver as “Love Tour 2008”.

Account name:

IBAN: CZ16 5500 0000 0022 7687 2001


Account name:

Humanity s Team – Ceska republika

Account holder:

Humanity s Team - Česká republika, o.s.

Nerudova 755/23

29301 Mladá Boleslav II

Bank address:

Raiffeisenbank a.s.

Václavské náměstí 43

11000 Praha 1

For more information please contact:

Nancy Seymour (USA) at nancy.seymour@humanitysteam.org

Ejvind Jacobsen (Europe) at ejvind.jacobsen@humanitysteam.org

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